Exclusive Interview: What Change Will Come From Josh Thompson?


Four years ago, Josh Thompson recorded music that fell between the cracks as the singer-songwriter shifted from record label to record label. Not wanting the “lost” project to remain tucked away, Josh waited for the perfect time to release his album, Change, as a two-volume set of EPs. That time is now, and Josh’s first half of the offering will become available this Friday, October 9th.

Though the album is entitled Change, longtime fans needn’t worry that Josh has changed his sound and will be introducing something on the other end of the spectrum from the music with which they have already fallen in love. Instead, Change represents a Josh who has grown over the years and through his experiences, while very much striving to maintain the same level of respect he has always garnered.

I grew up listening to country music. The older stuff was always playing in my house, like Haggard, George Jones, Patsy Cline. When it comes to my music, I really, lyrically, try to keep those common themes; the honesty, the ups and downs of real life, and I’d say that it’s kind of got some throw back elements. I think production-wise, it definitely is amped up. It’s great for a live show. It definitely keeps the party going.

That music Josh speaks of has helped him enjoy quite a bit of success, including several Top 40 songs and two Top 10 albums. Proving that Josh and his work have staying power, the artist has been on the road for the past several years, performing the music that catapulted him up the charts and reminding fans that a change is coming. And that change is something fans have been begging for over the years.

I’m excited for them to hear it. A lot of my fans have been asking about this record for years, since 2011. “Comin’ Around” was the single off of it. Some radio stations played “Change”. And, so I think they’re excited to hear it and I can’t wait to get their feedback.

Although fans will be able to hear new music from Josh beginning this Friday, October 9th, the remainder of the “lost” songs will have to wait. This is because Josh decided to split the offering into two halves, the second of which does not yet have a release date.

I think it’s the way people are buying music and listening to music. I think from an attention span, which I totally get because I’ve been ADD since I was a child, I think six songs is easier to get and listen to than twelve, and I think that’s just the way it’s going.

One of the cuts that fans are eager to hear on Volume 1 of Change is Josh’s duet with Justin Moore.

Justin and I had been talking since before I wrote this song about “man, it would be cool if we did a song together.” I wrote this song one night on the bus and I sent it to him and I was like “would you be interested in recording the song?” and he loved it. We had a great time recording in the studio.

Aside from the Justin Moore duet, Josh is especially fond of “Same Ol’ Plain Ol’ Me” and the title track. Regarding “Change,” Josh explained that the song itself “really describes the record.”

Fans can count on Josh taking these two new songs, as well as the rest of his lost collection, back out on the road in the short-term because he can’t wait to share the music with his fans and appreciates their ongoing support. Make sure you’re following Josh Thompson on Twitter, Facebook, and his website for tour date announcements so you can experience firsthand the Change Josh has made.


Click here to download Change Volume 1 on iTunes.






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