Jenn Bostic CAN Make You Love Her with This Bonnie Raitt Cover (Watch!)


There aren’t enough words in the English language to describe all the wonderful qualities possessed by Jenn Bostic. She is one of my favorite vocalists and musicians that have ever come my way, and I have been blessed to interview her, see her perform live, and spend personal time with her. One thing that Jenn has proven time and time again is that my first impression of her is an accurate one and this artist who soared to success overseas deserves every ounce of appreciation that she experiences.

One of Jenn’s idols is Bonnie Raitt and she recently shared a video of herself covering the soulful and sentimental “Can’t Make You Love Me” — just Jenn and her keyboard. The video is as simple as the song seems, but as beautiful as the song is; showing off Jenn Bostic’s ability to take somebody else’s music, pour herself into it, and cast a spell on those watching.

Watch the video below and allow Jenn to transport you to another place and time with her smooth vocals and flawless musicality.