Jason Aldean is Like a Good Bra…Find Out Why!


When it comes to the fight against breast cancer, Jason Aldean is one of country’s biggest supporters.

In the past ten years, the singer has helped to raise over $2.3 million for Susan G. Komen and he tells PEOPLE that it’s a cause close to his heart. “I have a wife. I have two daughters,” he says. “I have a mother, a stepmom, a sister … I mean I have women in my life that are very important and to me, it’s something I would never want to see them go through.”

Aldean was inspired to join the fight after witnessing the devastating disease first-hand. “My best friend lost his wife to breast cancer and she was in her very early thirties,” says Aldean to the magazine. “I was there. I watched it all go down. I watched him deal with that and her go through it and her leaving behind two daughters. That to me was sort of an eye-opener.”

In addition to his Concert for the Cure event where he’ll be donating proceeds, he’s been giving breast cancer survivors the VIP treatment at every tour stop this year. While it may be rewarding for them, it’s even more inspiring for Aldean. “I’ve learned just how strong people are. A lot of these people I’ve met just have this will to not let anything beat them. They refuse to give in and they want to live life. They’ve got kids and grandkids and husbands to fight for. It’s cool to see and hear their stories. It just shows you how big the human spirit can be sometimes.”

Jason Aldean’s 10th Annual Concert for the Cure is scheduled for Oct. 24 at Coral Sky Amphitheatre, in West Palm Beach, Florida.