Female Focus Friday: How Many Cams Are There?!


Sony Music Nashville recording artist Cam has been capturing the hearts of country music fans, especially since the release of her gut-wrenching, descriptively painful single “Burning House“. While her reputation preceded this stripped down, emotional tune, it has been since its release that we cannot turn on our radios or televisions, or attend a live event, without Cam being very much in the forefront of the pack of artists featured.

And that is perfectly okay! But, with Cam being here, there, and everywhere lately it really makes us wonder how many Cams are there?! Let’s discuss.

We are in Nashville, so we attend events when the opportunities arise. Our first encounter with Cam (but not our last) was on September 1st at the Ryman Auditorium at ACM Honors. Her cheery disposition and bright smile radiated throughout the entire room and it was plainly impossible to not take notice.

So, that was cool.

Next, Cam announces she will be in a zillion cities a zillion days in a row, and somehow the immortal singer-songwriter does it … and is still smiling! Note: We can tell she’s smiling because of all the bright colors and highlighter usage.

Then, all of a sudden, Cam is off getting engaged. Granted, it could have happened anywhere, but still. She is just everywhere!

Now that Cam has a rock and her rock, maybe it’s time to slow down and celebrate or something. Yeah, no. Instead, she is going to party on stage with Lady Antebellum, because who wouldn’t?

Fun! But wait, there’s more. All of a sudden the “Burning House” visionary and artist is across the pond performing at a festival put on by one of the biggest companies ever to exist: Apple.

Of course, once Cam returned to the United States, it was time to finally take a break, breathe a bit, and prepare for what is next on her agenda. Oh, wait. “My mistake”. Cam doesn’t relax. Here she is opening for David Nail and Little Big Town, going from performing for Apple to the Big Apple.

After all that flying, the time zone changes, and the expected jet lag, it could be very much acceptable for Cam to take a nap or ten. Oh, what is that you say? She is opening for Chris Young’s Nashville I’m Comin’ Over Tour kickoff show? Indeed, she is.

Hopefully now that Cam is in Nashville (and it appears she is shooting a video locally), she will take a little bit of time for R&R. Or she won’t; because we are pretty much convinced there are multiple Cams. I mean, only quintuplets, or a superhuman, could possibly be in as many places so close together, never losing steam or stamina, as she has been, right?

Hey, Cam, please share your secret with us. We get tired after two events back-to-back!