Faith Hill Returns to Entertainment — In Front of the Camera


Faith Hill, how we have missed thee.

It brings us great joy to announce that Faith Hill is now involved in a Nashville-based project that will bring one of the most beautiful faces and voices back to the spotlight. Faith will be executive producing a lifestyle television series, focusing on cooking, home design, gardening, and more. The daytime talk program will also enlist the help of Oprah‘s Lisa Erspamer to bring the show to life.

Joining Faith Hill as a host for the show is country music funny lady and Black River Entertainment artist Kellie Pickler. Faith shared her excitement with Billboard about bringing Kellie on board for the project:

This is a woman of so many talents. She possesses the ability to reach far beyond the camera and into the hearts of people, allowing you to feel immediately connected to her.

The show will film in Nashville, giving the co-hosts the opportunities to involve their music industry peers. Lisa Erspamer explained:

We’ve talked about Dolly Parton and other country artists, but the show is not going to be about country music. Nashville is Music City, so there’s music, really, everywhere. It’s also an aspirational city that’s hip and cool. We spend so much time programming to New York and Los Angeles, and we forget that there’s this whole vast world in between.

The minds behind the show are optimistic that it will be a successful platform, including one to two other co-hosts who have yet to be named to join Faith and Kellie, as well as rotating guests every episode. The show will be shopped to daytime syndicates in hopes of a Fall 2016 or 2017 launch.



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