We Can Thank Christopher Columbus for These Country Songs


In 1492, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue. Luckily for all of us who are writing and reading this article from the great United States of America, Columbus sailed upon the piece of land we now call our country. As we all know, country music is certainly proud of the place Columbus came across over 500 years ago, and while the singers and songwriters behind these tunes deserve praise for them, let’s not forget to thank the man who made it all possible. Columbus.

Brad Paisley‘s “American Saturday Night” – Christopher Columbus discovered America, which, ultimately, became a melting pot of cultures. In fact, we spend more time honoring other countries than we do our own with our behaviors. We go Greek. We kiss French. We drink imports. But, thanks to the initial discovery of the land of the free, we can!

Caitlyn Smith‘s (Garth Brooks) “Tacoma” – Quite simply, without Columbus discovering America, there would be no Washington and there would be no Tacoma, Washington. If none of those things existed, one of the best songs you will ever hear would, likewise, not exist. The track that Garth Brooks dubs his favorite on Man Against Machine is a song that leaves me breathless every time I hear it performed by its songwriter.


Carrie Underwood‘s “All-American Girl” – Without Christopher Columbus, a teenage boy would have never fallen in love with a teenage girl … or his unexpected female baby. And Carrie Underwood would have one less Number 1 hit.

Jo Dee Messina‘s “Heads Carolina, Tails California” – Part of being from the Land of the Free means we have the luxury of making choices. Without the discovery of America, a coin flip would have less power, including the power to place us on opposite ends of this country.

Kenny Chesney‘s “American Kids” – Had Columbus not gone out for a leisurely boat ride on that fateful day, would we have a country full of kids who are “a little messed up, but . . . all alright (hey!)”? Probably not. Therefore, we thank Captain Chris for giving us the unbridled opportunity to make out on living room couches.

Sugarland‘s “Everyday America” – Our country gives people the opportunity to dream big, chase those dreams, and make dreams realities. This cycle all began with a man who also had a dream, and while in pursuit of that dream, came across our country.

Toby Keith‘s “American Ride” – Terrible reality shows, YouTube lessons, ridiculous lawsuits; oh, America, how we heart thee. Hat tip to Columbus for making this all possible. Toby’s “American Ride” pokes fun at several of the country’s faux pas, giving us one of many U.S.A.-focused songs by the Oklahoma native. However, Toby typically takes the strong-minded American position, as opposed to the hilariously accurate parody’esque approach here.

Trisha Yearwood‘s “XXX’s and OOO’s (An American Girl)” – Trisha sings of a little girl with the desire to make it in “her daddy’s world,” recognizing the many roles she will have to play to succeed … but more than willing to do what it takes. The good thing is, Christopher Columbus came across a piece of land that makes anything possible!


So, today, we thank Christopher Columbus for taking a little boat ride, stumbling upon this great country, and indirectly inspiring some of our favorite music. We owe you, big guy.