Chuck Wicks Dedicates Sentimental Song to Sweet Nine-Year-Old (Watch!)


Tissue Alert!

Chuck Wicks recently gave us a sentimental moment on America’s Morning Show when he dedicated a “Fake a Song Friday” tune to a little girl, Caitlyn. Caitlyn is a nine-year-old who contacted the show to let them know she hates her freckles, but when Chuck heard about Caitlyn and the especially close relationship between this little girl and her mom, he turned a typically funny show segment into a tear-jerking two minutes.

Chuck reminisced about the closeness he shared with his mother when he was Caitlyn’s age and channeled his own feelings about the woman who brought him into this world as he wrote about the little listener. Watch the touching edition of “Fake a Song Friday” in the video below and prepare to fall a little deeper in love with the singer-songwriter-morning show host.

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