Chris Young Reveals “I’m Comin’ Over” Track List


This morning, Chris Young gave fans the opportunity to help him “unlock” the track list for his forthcoming album. The tracks are now public knowledge, including the songwriters behind each of these masterful tunes. The following will be the eleven songs found on the November 13th release:

  1. Heartbeat” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge
  2. I’m Comin’ Over” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge
  3. Think Of You” (Duet with Cassadee Pope) – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge,
  4. “You Do The Talkin’” – Cary Barlowe, Corey Crowder, Liz Rose
  5. I Know A Guy” – Benjy Davis, Brett Tyler
  6. Alone Tonight” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge,
  7. Sunshine Overtime” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Jeremy Stover,
  8. Sober Saturday Night” (feat. Vince Gill) – Chris Young, Brad Warren, Brett Warren
  9. Underdogs” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Josh Hoge
  10. Callin’ My Name” – Chris Young, Corey Crowder, Jonathan Singleton
  11. What If I Stay” – Chris Young, Johnny Bulford, Josh Hoge

We are LOVING what we have heard of the new album and can’t get enough of Chris’s I’m Comin’ Over tracks. What are you looking forward to the most about the record?

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