Carrie Underwood Is a Fan Girl Just Like Us!

Carrie Underwood Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Usually Carrie Underwood has people fan girling over her, but yesterday Carrie took a smoke break from celebrity status to prove that she is just like you and me.

Carrie recently admitted to Us Magazine in a “25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me” article that she has a “massive crush” on Patrick Stewart. “Always have, always will,” the Storyteller artist told the publication. Evidently Captain Picard (Star Trek) appreciated Carrie’s sentiments because when he caught wind of the country music superstar’s admission, he headed to social media to express his excitement.

Carrie, in turn, couldn’t contain herself when she realized her lifelong crush acknowledged her, tweeted her, and shared his mutual adoration for her.

Watch out, Mike. Your wife might be beamed away if you don’t keep an eye on her!