Carrie Underwood debuts new song “Renegade Runaway”

Carrie Underwood in people magazine
Carrie Underwood looking happy and healthy in this week’s issue of People magazine – Joe Pugliese for

With only one week to go until her new album Storyteller hits stores, Carrie Underwood has just debuted another new song from the album.

Thanks to we have our very first listen to Renegade Runaway.

“Love ya, leave ya, play ya like a heartbreak bandit / She’s an outlaw, a quick draw / She’ll take it all, so don’t ya fall / For that renegade runaway, runaway, runaway, runaway,” Underwood belts in the song off her Storyteller album, out Oct. 23.

“There’s a lot of country, traditional, staple instruments, and obviously storytelling is something country music has always done really well,” she tells PEOPLE about her new music in this week’s cover story. “I feel like we occupy those elements, but it’s very cool and very now and very fresh.”

Check it out and let us know what you think.



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    WOW, I absolutely LOVE it. The beginning reminds me of the old western movies with the old west type music and then it just keeps getting better and better. I can not wait to get the album and listen to all the songs. The video to this song will be very entertaining and fun. The three songs she has released are great and I know the rest of the album will be epic.

    Dave Niez

    Great Song…
    Cool to hear this song was the song Carrie had on the radio in the beginning of the “Smoke Break” video!!!

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