Carrie Underwood is pretty good at faking a British accent

Carrie Underwood british accent

In the past, we’ve seen Blake Shelton try and fail at doing other accents and we’ve learned that Keith Urban can’t do an American accent. Now comes Carrie Underwood who, as it turns out, is pretty darn good at doing a British accent.

Check it out.

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    She does that pretty well, don’t you know. It does not bother me that artists from other countries can not get the American accent down pat but it does bother me when artists fake a country twang. I cringe when an artist goes overboard with the twang and exaggerates it. I listened to Carrie’s new songs from the Stooryteller album and they are great. I love the old wild west theme on Renegade Runaway. I expect to hear Clint Eastwood singing along (I don’t think he can sing very well though). If the new songs from Carrie is anything to go by, then her new album will be epic. Can hardly wait for the 23rd. to get it.

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