Brothers Osborne Want You to “Stay A Little Longer” With New Video


There’s no denying that Brothers Osborne are one of country music’s best and most exciting new acts. With a twangy yet bluesy country rock sound, the singing siblings just released the video for their top 20 hit “Stay a Little Longer.”

The video, directed by Peter Zavadil, tells the story of five real-life and strikingly-diverse-for-country-music couples. Over the course of the song, the pairs go through the various stages of relationships, while the brothers perform the song, acting as narrators to the complexities of the relationships. Ranging from a gay couple to an interracial couple to an older couple, the pairs make up, break up, hook up and make out.

The video is simple, yet stirring, shining in its realistic simplicity. Just like their music, the video bends the boundaries of country music and we love it! Dear Brothers Osborne, please “Stay a Little Longer.”



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    Rhonda Roberts

    Seriously! This video alone made me turn the channel off of CMT! Real country my ass! Wanna be “southern” then at least fake morals!

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