Brad Paisley talks outrunning the cops in his younger years

Brad Paisley

Don’t let Brad Paisley’s boyish good looks, easy smile, and mild-mannered family man appearance fool you because deep down inside lies the heart of a speed-loving bad boy.

Brad recently chatted with Car and Driver about his love of Corvettes, his first car, and his choice of best driving song ever.

But then, THEN(!) Brad let a bit of his bad boy past sneak into the conversation when he revealed that he once ran from the cops after he was caught speeding.

C/D: Have you ever run from the cops, as in “Mr. Policeman”?

BP: Yeah, I did. In college I was going too fast on a big, curvy mountain road that goes to West Liberty University in West Virginia, and I crested one of the hills and I got air. And in the left lane was a car and I could see its police lights. The speed limit was like 45, and I was going probably 80. Immediately his brake lights came on and he was turning around. I could slow down and wait for the inevitable arrest or I could keep going. I kept going as fast as I could. Right before a 90-degree turn I slammed on the brakes, pulled into a driveway, and turned the lights off. Sure enough, 30 seconds later, the sky lights up and it’s the police car with sirens blaring. And he goes right by. After a few cars went by, I fired up my car and pulled out. Sure enough as I drove by he had pulled someone else over. Whatever the next car was.

Okay, do you think the cop just pulled over another law breaker or do you suppose the cop pulled over a car after mistaking it for Brad’s car? Can you imagine some poor sap out there reading this and putting two and two together and figuring out that Brad Paisley once got him/her in trouble?

That would definitely be a cool party story.



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