Brad Paisley Shares Gratitude for Ashley Madison Hack


Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood recently played a show together in New York, and the CMA Awards co-hosts couldn’t resist sharing some of the news headlines that will inspire their jokes at the November 4th show at Bridgestone Arena.

Brad told media at the event:

It’s a great year to host an awards show, because there is just a lot of funny stuff. Last year was tough, wasn’t it?. Last year was like Ebola and ISIS — it was like there was just not funny things. Somehow we found a funny monologue in the middle of all of that, but it took surgery to do it. This year, there’s a lot you can laugh at. This election has been just amazing. They give us soundbites — we can’t keep up. God bless. I guess it’s the wrong thing to say. … but God bless the Ashley Madison website hack, for many reasons.

Carrie jumped in to clarify Brad’s seemingly off color comment about the Ashley Madison hack, justifying the pair’s interest in the website that encouraged extramarital relationships.

I’m glad it exists at this point as hosts of that show, because if anybody has a right to deal with a cheating website, it’s us. Don’t you think? Country music.

Also on hand at the New York event was the legendary Emmylou Harris, who chimed in to support Carrie’s statement.

We built our careers on cheating songs. Just the songs.

Country music fans can tune into the CMA Awards live from Nashville on November 4th on ABC.