Blake Shelton gives Brad Paisley permission to make fun of his divorce

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are both scheduled to appear and perform at next month’s CMA Awards. Cue the very real possibility of some awkward moments for the exes. CMA Awards host Brad Paisley, however, can breathe a sigh of relief because Blake Shelton has given him permission to use the awkwardness to his advantage.

Blake sat down for an interview with Late Night host Seth Meyers and discussed the fact that he knows he’s probably going to be the butt of a joke or two at the CMA Awards and he’s okay with it.

“This year’s gonna be awkward at the CMAs, speaking of jokes,” Shelton told Meyers. “Because we are, it’s such a family. Everybody there is friends. There’s gotta be one about me and Miranda. [Host] Brad Paisley is not doing his job if he doesn’t look down there and go ‘Ha ha!’ You have to address the elephant in the room. We’ve had the conversations like, ‘Okay, dude. I’ll sit there and let you kick me in the face a few times.’ I know it’s coming.”

The CMA Awards air Wednesday, November 4, on ABC.

Oh, and on a side note, in the interview Blake disputed his CMA Award win number. According to Wikipedia, yep, he’s won 9 of the suckers.

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