Back to the Future Day – Number 1 Song Then and Now


Today is the day science geeks and Back to the Future fans have been waiting for since 1989. Some of you might not have been born yet, some of you might not have been old enough to comprehend the twists and turns of the sequel in the historical trilogy, and some of you might have already been so old you didn’t think you would see today … kidding! Well, October 21, 2015 is upon us, and, from today on, the future will be in the past.

We thought it would be really fun to look back to the date Marty McFly traveled from (present time October 26, 1985) and see what country song was Number 1 and compare it to today’s (October 21, 2015) chart-topping hit to see how much our genre has changed and evolved.

October 26, 1985

The Oak Ridge Boys‘ “Touch a Hand, Make a Friend” topped the charts. The song was originally a The Staples Singers tune that climbed up the soul and Hot 100 charts, but didn’t reach Number 1 until it was in the hands of the legendary Oaks.

October 21, 2015

Luke Bryan‘s recent single “Strip It Down” is currently at the top of the charts. The slow, sexy, and, obviously, stripped down song marks the superstar’s fourteenth Number 1 and represents the present state of the industry to a “T”. It is recorded by a male artist who lives in the spotlight; it is risque; and it is moving toward a more raw sound (“Girl Crush”, “Burning House”) that country fans are embracing.

Wow, what a change! But, what is music if it is not ever-evolving and keeping us and artists on their toes? Happy Back to the Future Day! Here’s to many more smash hits as we leave the future in the past and continue onward … with or without roads.