Who does Miranda Lambert have Bad Blood with?


Miranda Lambert is really living it up these days! We’ve got a ton of selfies and updates but one thing we didn’t get was a glam jam….until now.

Miranda went all ACM Honor’d out and did a glam jam backstage. And this one may be our favorite yet! She called out Taylor Swift to join her in a glam jam off of Bad Blood!

Check it out below:

Alright Taylor…ball is in YOUR court…

Update from Shannon: Someone commented on this post saying that Ashley (the writer of the post) was a liar and acted like she was writing something bad and tabloid worthy. Before anyone else gets their panties in a wad, here’s how Miranda captioned the above video:

We challenge @taylorswift to a ‪#‎glamjam‬ ‪#‎acmhonors‬ ‪#‎nashville‬ ‪#‎badblood‬ @tiffanygiffordstyle @moanilee @johnnylavoy @harps226 ‪#‎bringit‬

See, Miranda challenged Taylor Swift to a Glam Jam using Taylor’s song Bad Blood. No need to get all offended and make this story out to be something it’s not. The video is cute.


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  1. cc73@yahoo.com'

    The only writer on this site that tells the truth is Shannon, the other ones never check facts, they just lie. They should write for Star magazine.

    1. Shannon

      What the heck are you talking about? Did you even read the post or did you just comment based on the headline? Miranda and her crew jammed out to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” and it’s cute that she called out Taylor Swift. Chill a bit.

  2. Ashley Anne-Helene

    Shannon, they’re right. Getting information directly from an artist’s twitter or instagram or proven interview definitely is not the right way to go. 🙁 haha

    1. Shannon

      Maybe Hump Day has been changed to panties in a wad day.

  3. RickyGBeBe@hotmail.com'

    funny thing is you guys arent afraid to cover every topic and as a reader thats cool. means i often get the whole story before the truth comes out. keep doing what your doing.

  4. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Bring on any story about Miranda you see, I’m a Miranda fan and love it as long as I’m allowed to comment.( The sad thing is The Star Magazine prints the truth at times.) Miranda’s the same Miranda being now single . I still say her best music is yet to come.(already twenty something ACM’s). I want say divorce hasn’t been painful for her, but she will survive. Miranda has no doubt been lonely for some time….With time that will also be taken care of!!! Good luck to one of the best Country Singers coming out of Nashville, plus she is a sweet Texas Badass Gal when need be..

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