Who does Miranda Lambert have Bad Blood with?


Miranda Lambert is really living it up these days! We’ve got a ton of selfies and updates but one thing we didn’t get was a glam jam….until now.

Miranda went all ACM Honor’d out and did a glam jam backstage. And this one may be our favorite yet! She called out Taylor Swift to join her in a glam jam off of Bad Blood!

Check it out below:

Alright Taylor…ball is in YOUR court…

Update from Shannon: Someone commented on this post saying that Ashley (the writer of the post) was a liar and acted like she was writing something bad and tabloid worthy. Before anyone else gets their panties in a wad, here’s how Miranda captioned the above video:

We challenge @taylorswift to a ‪#‎glamjam‬ ‪#‎acmhonors‬ ‪#‎nashville‬ ‪#‎badblood‬ @tiffanygiffordstyle @moanilee @johnnylavoy @harps226 ‪#‎bringit‬

See, Miranda challenged Taylor Swift to a Glam Jam using Taylor’s song Bad Blood. No need to get all offended and make this story out to be something it’s not. The video is cute.

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