Which Aspiring Country Singer With a Controversial Last Name Said “I Do” This Weekend?


Amy Duggar, first cousin of the “19 Kids and Counting” pack (niece to father Jim Bob Duggar), took a stab at a country music career, sharing her adventures in Nashville, Tennessee with TLC on the former show about her family. Amy recorded a song, “Beautiful Weather,” and corresponding music video, which was shared with the public via the television station and its online properties.

Now, Amy is traveling down a new path, having said “I do” this weekend during a wedding ceremony in Bentonville, Arkansas. Amy married Dillon King after a two month engagement, telling People just days before the nuptials that, even though she still loves her family, she couldn’t wait to change her last name.

I can’t wait to change my name. It’s going to be a great day when Dillon signs that marriage license and my last name changes.

Congratulations to Amy and Dillon! We certainly hope to hear more music from Mrs. King in the near future!

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