It’s the Pitts for Thomas Rhett


Thomas Rhett is all “tangled up” over his latest admission to People as he was gearing up for his album release.

The “Crash and Burn” singer shared that one way he could truly “die a happy man” would be to look more like his “manspiration,” Brad Pitt. In order to keep himself on track and get him some of that, Thomas’s friend equipped his tour bus with a poster of Brad Pitt above his chart-topping buddy’s bunk.

Thomas told People:

My buddy Cameron, who is on the road with me, put a picture of Brad Pitt above my pillow because he’s my manspiration, which is super embarrassing. I was trying to get ripped like him in “Fight Club,” which has not happened yet. I don’t have it anymore. I had to take it down. There was just too much embarrassment over it!

One thing is for sure: Thomas Rhett’s tour bus isn’t treated like Fight Club, considering the fact the occupants have gone global with this information. Maybe if they enacted the same rules, the embarrassment factor wouldn’t be an issue…

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