Thomas Rhett Breaks World Record — But Not for Music?


Big Machine Label Group (“Big Machine”) artist Thomas Rhett headed to the largest football stadium in the country, the Dallas Cowboys’ AT&T Stadium, last night for a show; however the fun didn’t end with a performance from the guy who intends to “die a happy man.”

While in Texas, Thomas and his fans got “tangled up” on the world’s largest Twister board. According to the Guinness World Records, a 27,159.616 square foot board was created over a five-hour period, using 1,200 regular-sized Twister mats. The final jumbo board covered half the stadium field, measuring 171 feet, 3 inches by 158 feet, 5.5 inches.

The Tangled Up event was more than Kelly Rich, Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Interactive for Big Machine envisioned.

I think it’s crazier than we imagined…It’s exciting. We got here really early this morning to set this up. They also attempted to break the record for the most participants in a game of Twister, but although thousands took part in the game they fell slightly short of the 4,160 players they had to beat.

Thomas Rhett has already done the exact opposite of “crash and burn” on the charts, and now it looks like he has another (quite unique) resume bullet about which to boast. Congratulations to Thomas, his fans, and the masterminds at Big Machine who had a hand in this project!

Featured image credit: Rolling Stone