Tae Dye’s brother says what we all think about Kacey Musgraves…


Tae Dye of Maddie and Tae has a brother that is quite popular in the teeny bopper crowd. His name is Mason Dye and he’s been on some well known TV shows and stuff. But he just proved his merit to me by attending Kacey Musgraves’ LA show and blasting out two known truths about Ms. Musgraves:

A) She’s Stunning
B) She puts on a great show.

Smart dude.


Tim McGraw announces new single, ‘Top of the World’

For the last week or so, Tim McGraw has been posting pictures to social media with the hashtag #TopOfTheWorld. We even had a story a couple of days ago called “Tim McGraw Is on Top of the World” that featured one of his many high-flying photos. Well now we know that Tim wasn’t just showing us how cool his life is, he was actually hinting at his next single.

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