Southern Halo Releases Debut Single “Little White Dress” (Watch the Video!)


Southern Halo, made up of Natalia (pronounced Natalie-uh), Christina, and Hannah, a trio of sisters from the Mississippi Delta, recently released its debut single, “Little White Dress,” to radio. The track marks the lead single off the group’s self-titled debut album and is already receiving spins across the country.

The girls, who attribute their talents to the “Delta dirt,” are multi-faceted singers, songwriters, and musicians, with Natalia on lead vocals and guitar, Christina on background vocals and drums, and Hannah on background vocals and bass — instrument choices which aptly fit their unique personalities. “Little White Dress,” a song penned by Natalia, Catt Gravitt, and Gerald O’Brien, allows each of the sisters to show off those personalities, both through their musicality and acting skills in the corresponding video.

And, as is true with siblings, the three girls have a special way of falling squarely into their natural roles in the group, each providing something different that makes her a standout member of the trio. Natalia, as the oldest, emits leadership and star quality; Christina, the middle child, is laden with excitement and eye-drawing passion; and Hannah, the youngest, provides a natural ease and even-keeled aura, rounding out the three into a perfectly complete package.

The distinct talents and personalities of the sisters of Southern Halo blend together on its debut effort, “Little White Dress,” providing country music fans with an energetic, beautifully performed piece of art. Though the title of the track gives the impression that a love song is ahead, the tune is actually about putting the brakes on a relationship before it gets too far too fast. Considering the girls are eighteen, sixteen, and fifteen, respectively, the lyrics are age appropriate, while also speaking to anybody who isn’t necessarily ready for that next big step.

Watch Southern Halo’s “Little White Dress” video and let us know what you think of country music’s emerging sibling trio. Also, make sure to follow the girls on Twitter, Facebook, and by checking out their website!