Warning: Sister C Music Is Not for the “Faint of Heart” (Listen!)


During U-verse CMA Fest, we were introduced to several acts, but none made an impression on us like the sibling trio, Sister C.

Cirby, Carli, and Celbi are Texas-born sisters with immeasurable talent and intelligent wit, combining the two to create their unique music. A perfect example of the marriage of traits to produce a spectacular sound is the trio’s new single “Faint of Heart.” With a message that can be likened to Tim McGraw’s “I Miss Back When” and Kelly Clarkson’s “You Can’t Win,” Sister C sings about the trials and tribulations of evolving times, increasing expectations, and double standards.

In a true blue country tune, the three rely on minimal instrumentation and maximal harmonious blend to deliver their quirky, clever, and accurate musical message to the masses, already yielding positive results from fellow entertainers.

And that positive feedback regarding Sister C and “Faint of Heart” is well-deserved, as the trio seamlessly intertwines traditional and modern country, respecting its roots while recognizing the importance of time sensitivity in a lyrical message.

You can check out Sister C’s “Faint of Heart” below and catch it in regular rotation on Sirius XM The Highway. Make sure to also follow the girls on Twitter @OfficialSisterC and let them know what you think of their single.



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