Old Dominion Is Ruining Lives!


The guys of Old Dominion have realized quite a bit of success since they signed on with Sony and became a bonafide quintet of stars. What catapulted the guys into stardom was their breakout song “Break Up with Him“; the same song that has put the hit-makers on hit lists across the nation.

When I sat down with Matthew, Brad, Trevor, Geoff, and Whit, I couldn’t resist asking them if “she” broke up with him. After they laughed, they explained that it appears to be the unfortunate outcome of many relationships since the release of the Old Dominion single.

It seems to keep happening around the nation. It’s the sensation that is sweeping the nation!

That’s right, folks; it is as if they came on to the scene and just started ruining lives. In fact, the home-wrecking has led to some unkind (to put it mildly) messages to the band, including one they received moments before my interview with them. And, as Whit pointed out so eloquently at the end of our interview (which will be published in full in November) regarding the most recent Twitter threat the band received, “that’s a misdemeanor, by the way.”

From a female point-of-view, men, especially those who are pointing fingers at Old Dominion for their failed relationships, perhaps you are looking in the wrong direction, and, to quote the late, great Michael Jackson, you should probably start with the man in the mirror. But, let’s be real here … and the guys probably put it best:

If it took a dumb song to make it happen, then you were already in trouble!