Miranda Lambert: “Divorce Is the Key to Being Loose and Free”


Miranda Lambert was on hand last night at ACM Honors to pay tribute to Loretta Lynn, the Crystal Milestone Award recipient, and opted for an interesting musical choice for her performance … especially considering her recent personal life changes.

Taking The Ryman Auditorium stage, dressed in a vibrant pink dress, Miranda looked as well-rested and content as ever as she sang the first lines of Loretta Lynn’s “Rated X.” Perhaps the lyric that caused the audience to raise its eyebrows and exchange glances was the ever-so-appropriately timed:

Well, if you’ve been a married woman and things didn’t seem to work out, divorce is the key to bein’ loose and free, so you’re gonna be talked about.

Miranda honored her friend and idol, Loretta Lynn, famously, taking the classic song and turning into something that could easily be on a Miranda album today. Watch the entire performance below (beginning at 3:14) and let us know what you think.

Congratulations to Loretta Lynn on her much deserved ACM Award honor!

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