Miranda Lambert Offers Advice to Her Followers


Miranda Lambert entertained a crowd in the panhandle of Florida over Labor Day Weekend at Pepsi’s Gulf Coast Jam. But, before she headed south for the beach concert, the platinum performer took on the mean streets of New York City.

While in New York, Miranda played a show in Syracuse, but she also let loose in the city a bit before going back to work. And, of course, during her time in NYC, Miranda did what any of us would do — she laid down on the well-worn sidewalk to support a proclamation and share the words with fans:

I don’t normally lay on the sidewalk in NYC….Words move me….words make me move. #NYC

Maybe this street art will inspire new music. Maybe this was Miranda’s advice to her followers. Maybe this was Miranda’s reminder to herself. Regardless of what it was, the photograph is beautifully artistic and the few words speak volumes. Thank you to Miranda Lambert for sharing this wisdom with us all.


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  1. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    Jen, One can only imagine what will inspire new music for this girl, Miranda.I’ve thought Blakes old lady fan haters may have a great hand in it if only she notices. Kindly confusing, they say divorce looks good on Blake, but yet they continue hating on Miranda. You would think they would be thrilled things worked out so great for him. His PR Firm even did their job well. Almost as if they have a fear of his career taking a nose dive. Yes, confusing! Miranda is going nowhere so they may as well take a chill pill and over look what she does. She seizes to amaze, but so does man…gives ice cream out to everyone…but goes CRAZY when someone eats his!!!!!!

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