Luke Bryan thinks this phrase is putting down his fans….


Ahh the bro country label. Luckily this phrase is being used less and less, but that doesn’t stop Luke Bryan from being frustrated with it.

He told the Cleveland The Plain Dealer,” It’s frustrating because whichever artists may or may not get labeled as that, they’re well beyond that. For people to call me the father of it, well, whatever. It just seems like a term that was invented to cheapen me as an artist.”

And he didn’t stop there. He went on to express his feelings on the term “Bro-country.” Even saying it puts down the fans who buy his album and concert tickets.

Luke said, “When people say ‘Luke Bryan fans are nothing but beer drinkers,’ that makes me mad because I know they’re more than that. They are the people who make this country go round and round.”

He also said he feels his album Kill the Lights, goes well beyond what you might label as “Bro-country” with many songs tapping into his traditional country roots.

What do YOU think?


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    Dave Niez

    He’s kidding, right? He built his career on “bro country”. It is so easy to slip into the beer/weekend/hot girl lyrics to keep the string of successfully financial songs going. THEN…have some other songs that you can point to as “substantial”. Luke, with so much talent, try an entire CD without the “bro country” lyrics and enjoy different reviews. Luke and FGL are the godfathers of the “bro country” genre….they drank from the easy lyrical well and came back MANY times to drink from it again. You got what you wanted (money) in one way…got what you didn’t want (bro country label) in another. One of the best examples of “reap what you sow”. Be careful not to blame the listeners who can hear the lyrics. Disregarding the money…you have such a higher ceiling than “bro” because your voice is one of the best.


    he needs to embrace it like jason aldean

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