Two Florida Luke Bryan Fans Will Be Kicking the Dust Up Behind Bars


We get that Luke Bryan is a hot commodity in country music, but priorities, people. Two Florida Luke fans are now facing charges of child neglect after they left their children (9 and 11) in a running car while they went inside a concert.

The children were spotted by show goers who were walking into the venue, and those responsible individuals called police, alerting them of the unsupervised kids. The police responded to the vehicle, concerned about the safety of the children, and attempted to call the father’s cell phone.

After the parents were reached, they returned to the car, and admitted that they left their kids in the car so they could go inside the concert. Reports show that the parents drove over 100 miles to attend the Kick the Dust Up Tour, without hiring a babysitter while making their plans.

High five to the country fans who saw the children, called the cops, and crashed the parents’ party. Our hearts are with the kids at this time.