Walmart and #AXEStagePass Give You Your Backstage Pass to Luke Bryan


Walmart and AXE Stage Pass is bringing Luke Bryan‘s fans an inside look at their favorite artist, ranging from a front row concert seat to backstage access and interviews with one of country music’s hottest stars. Aside from treating its viewers to performances of three Luke tunes, the team at Walmart and AXE Stage Pass shared three up-close and personal conversations with the hit-maker.


On the menu of topics to discuss with the artist who has held on to the ACM Entertainer of the Year trophy for two consecutive years (so far), Bryan discussed his “Evolution,” “On Stage Persona,” and “The Real Luke Bryan,” shedding light on where he came from, how he has developed, and who he is behind the hit music.

In discussing his evolution, Bryan explained his growth as an artist and the mentality that what he has now is a great thing, but bettering himself along the way is the most important part of his journey. From humble country music beginnings and sales of 24,000 for his first album, Bryan prided himself on staying focused on today, learning what his fans wanted in his music, and providing them with new and exciting material with each turn of the path.

My big moment that put me on the map was when I put “Tailgates and Tan Lines” out, and it seemed to really really take things to a new level for me as an artist, and then “Crash My Party” on top of that. I mean, I think your career is about, like I said, trying to better yourself each step.

In order to always stay in a forward moving direction and maintain progression, Bryan has worked with a very logical formula of writing the best lyrics he can, pairing those lyrics with talented musicians and producers, and asking himself whether the creation is something he could perform every night without becoming tired or bored. The result of this equation has been hit after hit, and song after song that his fans have embraced and, likewise, of which they have never gotten tired.

With the acceptance of his music by fans, Bryan has been able to build a positive confidence that he will never allow to compromise who he is as an individual.

As you gain success and you start understanding that the songs you put out, people are really, really buying into, it breeds confidence. Looking out at the fans and seeing how much they’ve supported this whole growth of my career. . . . Stay who you are. They love that. They can tell that that’s real.

Part of being himself and being real is understanding that not every performance will be perfect, nor can it be. So, along with the acceptance he has received from fans, Bryan has found a level of self-acceptance and realization, which allows him to remain that authentic person that has appealed to fans.

You just gotta get out there and make it happen and you’re not gonna be perfect. But if you’re not perfect, get ’em next time.

This personal growth has not come “fast” for Luke, but it has come steadily over the years, finally resulting in a man who knows himself better than he ever has in the past.

I feel like with each year, I actually get back to the core of who I am. Put in a long day of hard work, get home, see the family, try to go catch a fish or two, and have a good night’s sleep with a clear conscience. If I can do that every day, that’s pretty good livin’. . . . I stay grounded by doing what I’ve always done. My boys don’t care that dad’s a country music singer. And when I come home, they want to go, they want to go fishing. They want to go ride some four-wheelers or throw the baseball or football, and that keeps me grounded. I think you just have to keep it real, and remember who you are deep down, and just try to enjoy it and be nice to people.

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