Lauren Alaina Makes “History” with ESPN


Lauren Alaina is back in action, recently touring radio stations and sharing her song “Next Boyfriend” with the country music industry. Now, the Mercury Nashville artist is broadening her spectrum and working hand-in-hand with ESPN to release an exclusive track for college football coverage.

History,” penned by Lauren Alaina, Jesse Frasure, and Emily Weisband, will be used by ESPN during its promotions of top college football match-ups every week and will be part of the network’s campaign leading up to the College Football Playoff semi-finals on December 31, 2015 and January 11, 2016, respectively.

Lauren, who hails from Georgia, is no stranger to college football, and she expressed her excitement about being involved with ESPN.

For a Southern girl, college football is everything. I am so pumped to have my song used for ESPN’s college football coverage. Thank you ESPN for giving me something to make my boyfriend, dad and brother think I’m that much cooler!

ESPN’s music director, Kevin Wilson, a self-professed fan of Lauren’s work, praised the outcome of “History” and feels it envelopes the spirit of college football.

I have followed Lauren’s career and knew of her talent. The pageantry, traditions, passion and atmosphere of college football is unlike any other sport and Lauren has captured what makes the season special in her song “History.”

To preview and purchase Lauren Alaina’s  “History,” visit Universal Music Group’s website.