Kenny Chesney Is on a Roll


Kenny Chesney wasn’t kidding when he said he was going through a big revival. After taking a year off from the spotlight to focus on making music, Kenny returned with a vengeance and has now scored four Number 1 Billboard hits in a row.

Kenny’s latest single, “Save It for a Rainy Day,” has now topped the Country Airplay chart, following in the wake of “American Kids,” “Til It’s Gone,” and “Wild Child,” giving the Sony recording artist and touring sensation four consecutive hits. Kenny explained the process of choosing the songs for The Big Revival and going into the project with very specific musical desires.

When I went to look for or write songs, I wanted to speak to my audience about their lives in ways I’d never done before. I didn’t want to say the same things – and I wanted to reflect the free-spirited, work hard, give-it-everything nature of the No Shoes Nation and people who love country music in general. It seemed like a pretty big thing to try to do, but the response to this album and the songs at radio tells me it was worth every bit of the work, the search, the starting over – because in the end, I make this music about my life, but also for everyone who’s ever found a piece of their living in songs, too.

Accompanying his chart successes, Kenny also received CMA Single and Song of the Year nods for “American Kids” and “Til It’s Gone,” as well as a CMA Musical Event nomination for “Wild Child” (featuring Grace Potter).

I believe music is life and music is medicine. You have to really push what’s there to keep giving people more, but you don’t want to lose the essence or your roots in the process. It was that way with the shows this summer, too. And what I learned from how hard those fans rocked with us this summer is that people will embrace it if you push them. Don’t just give them the same, but keep reaching, keep writing true to life, because that’s what they really want.

And with The Big Revival marking the first record on which Kenny has achieved so many consecutive Number 1’s, he has proven that he is capable of giving the fans — and radio — exactly what they really want.

Some is luck, some is traffic, but I think a lot has to do with the fans and radio – and their passion for the music. “Til It’s Gone” said live life right down to the last drop – and “Wild Child” was about what makes women matter: their spirit. But “Save It For A Rainy Day,” that song is maybe most important because it reminds you to live right now and not let things get you down to where you miss how good life can be. I’m thrilled we have four in a row, because it’s connecting in a good way.

“Save It for a Rainy Day” marks Kenny Chesney’s twenty-sixth Number 1 hit song. Congratulations to Kenny on his big accomplishment!