Kelly Clarkson Makes Her Own Fan Request in Nashville (Watch!)


Kelly Clarkson has made “fan requests” a major staple of her last several tours, including the current Piece By Piece Tour. The fan request comes during Kelly’s comprehensive set and fulfills one special attendee’s wish for a cover song, including a shout out from the spectacular songstress herself. This particular portion of the show has become a longstanding anticipated moment for audience members, as well as for Kelly and her band, as it provides a slight deviation from the norm.

Tonight, in Nashville, Tennessee, Kelly decided to answer the request of a very special person in the house — herself. Explaining that she made the request because she had been wanting to perform a certain song quite badly, she introduced Bonnie Raitt’s “Love Me Like a Man” and proceeded to blow the minds of everybody in the room. An appropriate tune for the country music capital of the world, Kelly cast her generally pop-rock sound aside for one song and made the residents of Music City fully aware that it is high time for a country album from one of the greatest singers who has ever lived.

Watch Kelly Clarkson’s cover of Bonnie Raitt’s “Love Me Like a Man”: