Kacey Musgraves shuts down fan with a great response…


Kacey Musgraves dealt with a snide comment from a fan regarding her not taking photos with them in a way that really…only Kacey Musgraves can. It started when the fan tweeted her disappointment that “Kacey ran off like a terrified dimestore cowgirl and VIP didn’t get pics” (First world problems, right?) Kacey’s response? Pretty priceless: What good is seeing live music if you cant get a picture with the artist so you can feel cool on the Internet. 

And whether she meant to or not, she made a HUGE point that really needs to be addressed.  In the day and age of the internet, do people go to enjoy the music or just document it online to impress people?

Oh and the fan didn’t seem bothered by the response and responded with a “that’s my girl” so all is well that ends well.

The exchange can be seen below:



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  1. janetnave@gmail.com'
    janet nave

    If she wants success, she had better treat fans better. But she will never will attain it anyway so she can do her own thing.

  2. diamond.countrygirl@yahoo.com'

    I’m with Kacey all the way…Some of these fans at the time want a picture to run and show off whether they are fans or not. The artist are just like us, sometimes tired and not feeling well. Fans need go find that artist that loves to have their picture taken. We do have a few that enjoy it as much as the fan. The begging for a tweet is something as bad as wanting a picture. It helps artist get way up in the million followers, but just how many are fans you can’t help but wonder. There isn’t a sweeter gal out there than Miranda Lambert. I’ve seen some of the meanest remarks made, worse than this about Kacey. Fans need to hunt up the Blake Sheltons, he loves to get his picture taken and from what I’ve heard fans sing..he gives the BEST HUGS. As far as Kacey being successful, any one artist that writes like she does and takes no sh*t, will be around for as long as she wants to……

  3. niezgoda@chartermi.net'
    Dave Niez

    With so much artistic talent, Kacey should try to avoid written wars. They almost never end well for the artist. If someone paying for an expensive concert experience feels the picture helps satisfy or justify the cost of the night out, they certainly have a point. Tickets and everything else involved with the concert/event are an increasing tab because artists feel they are worth it. Fair enough. Fans also can feel the pix are a small thing to increase the experience from a good time to a great time. Nothing wrong with that, is there? People view concert seats with a particular value. The same person sitting in the last row has a different idea of the show than someone in the VIP area. Kacey would have been better off just saying, sorry, I have some things to take care of, than to insult the paying customer later in a written war. Just a case of Kacey growing up a little in public. I doubt that Kacey will repeat that in the future very much…its not good for the career.

  4. RickyGBeBe@hotmail.com'

    ive seen plenty of meet and greet photos with kacey so im sure if she took time to comment on this that meant this girl didnt have two feet to stand on. photos are great but take time to do meet and greet and not expect artists to drop what theyre doing to cater to us after they just traveled and worked hard.

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