Kacey Musgraves shuts down fan with a great response…


Kacey Musgraves dealt with a snide comment from a fan regarding her not taking photos with them in a way that really…only Kacey Musgraves can. It started when the fan tweeted her disappointment that “Kacey ran off like a terrified dimestore cowgirl and VIP didn’t get pics” (First world problems, right?) Kacey’s response? Pretty priceless: What good is seeing live music if you cant get a picture with the artist so you can feel cool on the Internet. 

And whether she meant to or not, she made a HUGE point that really needs to be addressed.  In the day and age of the internet, do people go to enjoy the music or just document it online to impress people?

Oh and the fan didn’t seem bothered by the response and responded with a “that’s my girl” so all is well that ends well.

The exchange can be seen below:

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