Nashville Songwriter Josh Mirenda Takes Us to the Minibar (Watch!)


There are many ways to deal with a painful breakup. You can cry. You can get angry. You can seek revenge. Or, if you are Josh Mirenda, you can get drunk on a minibar and use the dreaded ex’s card to put the F-U-N in funds!

Last night at Chords for a Cause in Nashville (benefiting the Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital), as Josh was wrapping up his part in round one of a two-part songwriters show, his colleague and friend, Steven Lee Olsen, unexpectedly put him on the spot. “Gifting” his last performance of the evening to Josh, Steven put in a request for fan favorite “Minibar,” which resulted in a song title chant from the crowd. Having no choice but to make the show goers’ nights, Josh obliged and sang two songs in the last round, finishing on a high note with the hilarious track he penned with Brett James and Brett Beavers. (And, for the record, Steven still graciously performed one more song anyway!)

“Minibar” shares the story of one man’s immediate response to a relationship-ending phone call, looking around a hotel room helplessly and realizing there is only one thing left to do — consume anything and everything in sight. Whether it is $15 cashews or $30 scotch, no refreshment would be left behind with a little help from Josh’s “old go-to.”

Watch the video below to get a great laugh, coupled with enormous talent, on this Wednesday morning. Hey, if you listen far enough into the song, get a pen ready to jot down a few digits that may help your own minibar experience be a little more gratifying, as well.