Jo Dee Messina Poses the Question “Will You Love Me?” (Watch!)


Jo Dee Messina is “not dead yet”; and that message is evident on her most recent album, Me. What also reminds fans that this chart-topping sensation with the spitfire personality, sharp-tongued wit, and immeasurable talent is still going strong is the tireless touring the ranting woman has been doing for the last several months.

While on the road, Jo Dee has been performing some new music, including a song she wrote last year about a certain someone who conveniently turned her back when the going got tough for her multi-platinum selling, Grammy-nominated friend. The song typically floors audience members, considering Jo Dee contributes to the band as she plays piano in opening and closing and belts out notes that few are capable of hitting so powerfully.

Now, as part of her Country Now acoustic series performed at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Jo Dee is sharing a more stripped down version of the gut-wrenching “Will You Love Me” that exposes a vulnerable side of the typically sassy and strong singer-songwriter. Begging to learn whether the subject of the song will stand by her whether she is rising or falling, Jo Dee sheds her invisible protective layers and admits weakness and insecurity in the most breathtaking of ways.

Watch Jo Dee perform “Will You Love Me” below, and when you love what you heard, you can also download the acoustic track on iTunes.

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