Jessie James Decker Celebrates Her Independence


Jessie James Decker has dealt with the ins and outs of being signed to a major record label. The last time she became familiar with the “outs,” she kept it that way, ultimately releasing music independently, hoping that her talent and supportive fan base were enough to allow her to continue on her musical path.

With the release of her current single, “Lights Down Low,” independently published on Big Yellow Dog Music, Jessie defied odds and watched the song, inspired by her husband Eric Decker, climb on to the Billboard charts. For the week ending September 5, 2015, Jessie’s “Lights Down Low” soared to the Number 38 spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart (surrounded by artists with major label and radio support), as well as Number 15 on the Hot Country Digital Songs chart.

Jessie shared her enthusiasm about her Billboard positioning on social media, expressing that this all happened without a label and without radio, which is quite the feat!

jessiejamesdecker Wow! We charted on #billboard!! How amazing!! No label, no radio!!! So excited:) yes will shoot music video after baby 🙂 #LightsDownLow buy song on iTunes. Link in bio ?

Congratulations to Jessie, as she throws her hands up in victory and celebrates her independent success! We are behind you a hundred percent!


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    Another example of fan input over conventional country radio. Sirius The Highway supports and plays all artists with true fan input thus artists like this not only getting, but showing on their (Stormie Warren) top 45 chart.

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