Jason Aldean Spoke Out on the Lack of Females on Radio…And Probably Shouldn’t Have


You know how the old saying goes: “Some things are better left unsaid.” Well, that couldn’t be truer for Jason Aldean, because it looks like the chart-topping, world-touring artist recently made a few statements that have him riding the night train full speed on to many people’s you-know-what lists.

During an interview with Daily Herald in Chicago, Jason shared his opinion on the gender inequality of country music radio, pointing fingers at his female counterparts, rather than supporting their talents and efforts.

I feel like a lot of times female singers, to me, when they’re singing — and I’ll probably kick myself for saying this — a lot of times, it just seems like I can’t distinguish one from the other sometimes if I just listen to them, you know? A lot of times they just sound really similar to me. And then you have some that come out like a Carrie (Underwood) or Miranda (Lambert) or somebody like that, that really has a different, distinctive sound to their voice, then it’s like, oh, OK, you can tell them apart all of a sudden. They go on to be obviously big stars, but I think it’s because you can distinguish between them.

If Jason ends up not kicking himself for saying that, I’m fairly certain there are plenty of people out there who will offer to line up to do the honors. Oh, and for the record, artists in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – listen below.

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Featured image credit: Billboard

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