James Otto’s grandfather passes away

James Otto and his Grandpa Pete
James Otto and his Grandpa Pete – photo via facebook.com/jamesotto

Thoughts going out to James Otto who announced the passing of his grandfather earlier this week.

On Monday, the singer posted a note to Facebook that he had heard the news that his grandfather had passed away.

Today is a bit of a tough day. It sounds like my grandpa Pete may pass away today. I’m praying for a painless and peaceful passing for him. He seems ready to go. I think he’ll be happier on the other side with my grandma.

Later, James posted a picture with his Grandpa Pete (above) with the caption: RIP Pete Lee

Condolences going out to James and his entire family.


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  1. nascarholly97@charter.net'

    May the Lord continue to be with my most favorite singer and his family, I love James SO much!!! (bowing my head)

    God bless James and his family always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee

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