Is Cole Swindell TOO thankful?


Have you ever heard of an artist being TOO thankful? Yeah…me neither. But that’s what one reviewer had to say about Cole Swindell at one of his recent shows. Surely it’s not a bad thing though….right?

The Syracuse said this:

He thanked the crowd again and again for “letting” him play his songs during a somewhat atypical headlining slot. He thanked everyone for voting to make him the ACM New Artist of the Year several months ago. He thanked the service men and women who “keep us safe.” And he thanked everyone who came out to see him play on a muggy Monday night.

What else but gratefulness could one expect from a by-the-bootstraps guy who got his start selling merchandise at Luke Bryan shows?

AND ended with this:

So no, Cole, you don’t need to keep thanking us. You put on a great show. It’s our turn to say thanks.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves!