George Strait Has a Cold Beer Conversation (Listen!)


George Strait announced yesterday that he would be performing a handful of shows in Las Vegas (with special guest Kacey Musgraves). During the press conference to share the “Strait to Vegas” plans, King George also told fans he would be releasing a new single, “Cold Beer Conversation” today. Serving his constituents as promised, the single hit iHeartRadio today, reminding old country fans and showing new ones why George was, is, and shall always remain the King.

“Cold Beer Conversation” is a track reminiscent of the simpler times in life and music, finding joy in a quiet talk about life and love. What country music fans will also find upon listening to George Strait’s new single isn’t the bells and whistles of a modern day track; but, instead, the traditional tune that put the King on his throne so many years ago.

Listen to George Strait’s “Cold Beer Conversation” here and let us know what you think.

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