Dierks Bentley debuts Riser video on The Guardian


Dierks Bentley‘s song Riser could move mountains.  It takes you on a mental journey on what it’s like to really be a fighter and The Guardian got the exclusive on the video.

The article had this to say:

Bentley was inspired by a 60 Minutes segment about families living out of their cars in order to get by. Instead of trying to tell all their stories, the video, which was directed by Wes Edwards, hones in on the tale of one individual, Amy, whom Edwards met through Safe Haven, a program in Nashville that seeks to provide housing to families in need. (Bentley plans to use Riser as a way of promoting Safe Haven in the coming weeks.) The black and white clip chronicles Amy’s quest to get a roof back over her children’s heads. In the final frame, Bentley and the real-life Amy can be seen together.

Man. That’s what music should be about.