Dianna Corcoran Releases First American Single (Listen!)


Australian Golden Guitar winner Dianna Corcoran has experienced a world of success down under. Not only has she received the coveted Golden Guitar two times, but she has held the title of CMAA Rising Star Female, New Artist of the Year, and Female Artist of the Year, among many other honors. Now, the superstar has decided to make the trek to Nashville and take on the American country music scene, entering the game with a strong chart contender.

Dianna’s first single being shipped to American radio is “God Did Good,” a throwback to the mid-nineties, heavy on guitar, bass, and percussion in introduction. However, the strong instrumentals appropriately fade to background supplementation once the vocals claim ownership of the track. Most easily compared to Deana Carter’s Did I Shave My Legs for This?, Dianna reinstates the country music sound longtime fans of the genre have been craving for years, without so much as allowing the obvious genre shift to sway her from remaining true to her already successful formula.

The light, breezy, uplifting song that simply honors the man she’s with contains a fun-loving chorus that welcomes a sing along:

God did good when he put you together, from your head down to your toes. Workin’ overtime couldn’t do any better, the whole wide world and heaven knows. I’ve been blessed with more than I should, when God made you, God did good.

A song that is complete with listener-friendly lyrics, a catchy melody, a toe-tapping beat, and saccharine-filled sentiment, country music fans and radio will be hard-pressed to not take Dianna Corcoran under the wing of the bald eagle and keep her and her music on American soil. Listen to Dianna Corcoran’s lead American single off her forthcoming album, In America, by clicking here: “God Did Good“.