Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in Country Music


It appears that the country music genre is the place to be lately, as made evident by crossovers like Steven Tyler, Nelly, and, now, the girl who just wants to have fun, Cyndi Lauper. The 1980’s pop star told BANG Showbiz in the UK that now is the time to make her way into a new realm of music, considering she still has her teeth in her mouth.

I don’t know if you listen to country music but I want to work with Seymour Stein – he was the co-founder of Sire Records – and I’ve always wanted to work with him. So I figure while I’ve still got teeth in my mouth let me go work with him! I also want to work with Tony Brown down in Nashville and do a country record, finally! I want to record all those songs I used to sing my guts out in my apartment to! It’ll be out next year.

Until Cyndi gets to work on her country debut, she will spent eight weeks on stage at London’s Adelphi Theatre as a cast member of Kinky Boots.

It seems as though artists continue to dabble in country music time after time. What do you think of Cyndi’s entry into the genre?