Fall for Clay Walker (Again) Right Now


Clay Walker is back with his first single in three years, and the country music world shall now rejoice!

Clay took the industry by storm with songs like “Hypnotize the Moon,” “The Chain of Love,” “Fall,” “Then What?,” “If I Could Make a Living,” “Fore She Was Mama,” “She Won’t Be Lonely Long,” and a myriad of other hits, with a career that began in the early 1990s. Proving his staying power, the man with stellar range, a soulful touch, and a true country groove has maintained stardom as the country music genre has shifted over the years, now returning with another masterpiece to add to his collection.

Clay’s new single, “Right Now,” is a vulnerable and honestly desperate musical plea to close the gap between him and the object of his affection, suggesting that the two bypass the obligatory plan-making, cut to the chase, and see each other “right now.” The lustful, albeit romantic, ballad is reminiscent of the style Clay has been known for over the last twenty-plus years, while simultaneously fitting like a perfect puzzle piece into today’s progressive industry. The combination of the classic and clean vocals and modern day subject matter should fare well for this artist who is making his return “right now” by way of SiriusXM The Highway’s On the Horizon.

“Right Now” was written by Clay, Wade Kirby, and Shane Minor, and was produced by Aaron Pearce (Celine Dion, Willie Nelson, Cassadee Pope). Clay was thrilled to discuss those who had a hand in his newest work of art and the end result.

Working with Shane [Minor] and Wade [Kirby], who are not only tremendous musicians, but great friends, was really inspiring. Shane thought that we should write something that would showcase what he calls “the bluesy feel of my voice,” so he thought to call in Wade.  What we came away with was, for me, “soulful magic” – a song that’s for everyone that has let themselves be vulnerable to the possibility of love.

A song that is already resulting in widespread acclaim by Clay’s fans, “Right Now” stands to pave a continued path for the timeless singer-songwriter as he re-emerges on to the scene with one of the best tracks in his repertoire. “Right Now” is available on iTunes “right now” by clicking here.

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