Chris Young isn’t afraid to admit he is a Cowboys fan…


We are days away from opening day of the NFL and country music is all about supporting their favorite teams. Chris Young is no different. The hunky singer was recently featured on Sports Illustrated where they talked about connecting music and country. Chris told Dallas News opened up about what it was like as a Cowboys fan to attend one of their training camps:

 It was awesome. First of all, they walked us over at the end and asked if we wanted jerseys. I denied it once, but when they offered again, I was like, ‘I’d love one of everything.’ You can’t deny that kind of swag twice. And getting to stand on the sidelines and see some of the players up close and see how everyone looks was great. With all the stuff going on with the Rams, that was really a big group of people for a normal day of training camp. Toward the end I even got to go around and go hang with Jason Witten. I’m a huge fan of his.

So, who are YOU rooting for this year?


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    What a Chris Young turn off for me after seeing him say he was on the phone to Blake Shelton all day, the day his and Miranda’s divorce became final… Blakes PR did a great job….I highly doubt Josh Beckett stayed on the phone to Blake all day. I know I may sin each and every day, but not from being a fan of The Dallas Cowboys. I root for them every season!

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