Cassadee Pope Gets Theatrical (Watch!)


Occasionally, just when an artist least expects it, he or she is thrust on to the hot seat and agrees to participate in an impromptu performance of “Phantom of the Opera.” Okay, maybe that doesn’t happen, like ever, but when it comes to Big 95.5 in Chicago, don’t count the possibility out!

Last night, Cassadee Pope fell victim to the Phantom, as Remy from Mason and Remy challenged her to duet with him on the theatrical piece. With about five minutes to get her game face on, add a new song to her set, oh, and learn the lyrics, Cassadee put on her professional performer pants and made magic happen. Not only does Cass show off her beautiful pipes, she inadvertently vies for any upcoming acting roles that are looking to cast singers.

Watch the hilarious and pretty impressive performance from last night in Chicago:

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