Cassadee Pope Premieres “I Am Invincible” Music Video (Watch!)


Cassadee Pope shared with fans that today would be the day her “I Am Invincible” music video would premiere on What Cassadee didn’t share with fans was how intensely moving the storyline would be and how inspired viewers would feel after watching it play out.

Using a song with a message that is powerful enough to get anybody to see the bright light at the end of the tunnel, Cassadee and the team behind the music video took the art of eye opening to a new level with the intricate treatment. Alternating between spectacular performance shots of Cassadee, clad in pseudo superhero attire, and the story of a young girl who battles bullying throughout her childhood, we see the evolution of somebody coming to the realization that problems are only temporary and can be overcome with time.

The most moving moment of the video is the recognition of the young girl as Cassadee, namely by the “tattoo” drawn on her wrist, foreshadowing future permanent ink, and her resolve to take a devastating teenage experience and turn it into the thing that shapes her in adulthood. After an unkind classmate destroys a bird house young Cassadee is building, shaking the victim to the core, fans are given a glimpse at a twenty-six year-old contractor who has been emotionally deconstructed and used the broken pieces to build a life of success.

During performance aspects of the video, Cassadee is seen explosively delivering the empowering lyrics of her anthem in the Glen Leven Estate in Nashville, Tennessee. A historical home that was restructured for preservation, the beautiful landmark allowed for artistic lighting and shadowing throughout, giving an eerily intimate vibe as Cassadee poured her heart and soul into her words.

Don’t allow your day to continue without visiting to watch Cassadee Pope’s “I Am Invincible” music video. Also, if you have a child who you are close to in this world, encourage him or her to take the time to hear and see the critical message Cassadee is relaying. And, most importantly, look at yourself in the mirror, tell yourself you are invincible, and use your pain as power. You are unstoppable.



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    I love cassadee and i love that she’s trying to send a good message but, to be honest, it’s confuses me that she chose this song for the single. let’s be real: it’s not country at all; it’s pop/rock to the core the lyrics are pop/rock. the arrange is pop/rock. if she had a twang (though i am happy she doesn’t fake one), then it i’d be ok with it. but she doesn’t. something like “let me go” would be a better fit as a single, because it tells a story, it has a country vibe, it’s exactly what radio likes and, to be honest, she’s her best whenever she sings the heartbreaking ballads.
    country radio hasn’t received this very well, it’s getting very little play. that plus the lack of support republic nashville is giving her makes me worry if this will be the last we’ll hear of her.

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