Cassadee Pope Releases Fan Focused Lyric Video (Watch!)


Cassadee Pope‘s current, inspirational single, “I Am Invincible,” has been touching the minds, hearts, and souls of her fans worldwide. Knowing that the song has an incredibly strong and influential message, Cassadee and her team dreamed up the brilliant idea of featuring the fans in the lyric video whose lives have already been changed by the song.

Making written proclamations of the powerful lyrics, fans submitted photos of themselves sharing their favorite lines from the song, giving them the opportunity to see their faces becoming etched in stone as a part of Cassadee’s career. Ranging in ages and genders, fans are seen holding signs stating: “I am invincible”; “I am unbreakable”; “I’m a diamond cut to last”; bursting with pride and belief.

In a day and age that seems to be increasingly laden with depression, violence, and mental health issues, Cassadee Pope emerges as a phoenix from the ash with a song that can change anybody’s spirit and a lyric video that proves that everybody can relate to and learn from the words of the track. Watch the beautiful “I Am Invincible” lyric video below and let us know if you spot yourself and where we can see your smiling face!


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    Cassadee can beat this. Seems to be copied from Miranda’s “ALL KINDS OF KINDS”. Most fans don’t go for something copied from another artist. I haven’t kept up with this single and have no idea where it is rated, but did watch this video about half thru and turn it off. Where is her Star Coach. I thought he was on call to give advice to his Baby Girls(as he calls them)

    1. Jen Swirsky

      This is a lyric video, Patty. Her music video is due out in September.


        Jen, Yes I know it is lyric video, but I still don’t like that it looks as if its copied off Miranda’s video. I watched about half of it and stopped. I’m no expert, but it sure turned me off. Hopefully others will enjoy it. Cassadee is better than this. This single is about empowerment. Empowerment doesn’t mean you copy others work. Empowerment mean being strong, strong in face of others. Doing your own thing. Coming up with your own ideas.My opinion only!


      Miranda wasn’t the first one to make a video like this. people do this format since forever. and it doesn’t even look like miranda’s, anyway. wake up for life, patty.


      also he doesn’t call anyone “baby girl”. it’s creepy and gross. lol


        You need check things out before you post….Blake Shelton does call those voice girls his Baby Girls! That I’ve seen and heard many times. As you say,Wake up for life, Miriam. I stand behind everything I post always……But I don’t argue, you can talk to yourself after this post!!!

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