Carrie Underwood feels like a happier person now that she’s a mom

Carrie Underwood big brother, big sister
Carrie Underwood announces pregnancy – photo via Twitter

Motherhood changes people and for Carrie Underwood it’s no different. In fact, she says that she’s just a happier person all the way around since welcoming son Isaiah back on February 27. Unless she’s tired, that is.

Carrie recently spoke with ABC News (quotes via WinCountry) and told them about how motherhood has changed her for the better.

“I feel overall like I’m kind of a happier person, and that’s kind of weird. I don’t know why, but I just feel like I’m just kind of in a better mood most of the time, unless I’m really sleepy.”

Don’t worry Carrie, my kids are 15 and 17 and I still get grumpy when I’m sleepy. That’s the one thing with parenting that probably never goes away.

Carrie goes on to say that her own mom, Carole, was probably the most surprised by the positive changes in her. She says that her siblings were grown and out of the house for the most part when she was growing up so she was raised basically as an only child. Combine that with growing up to be super famous and you have someone who is definitely used to getting their own way, something that seems to have put ideas in Carrie’s mom’s head.

“I think my mom kind of expected me to be overwhelmed by motherhood because of that,” Carrie explained. “She tells me all the time that she’s surprised and happy and that I was different than she thought I’d be, so that’s good.”

Carrie’s new album, Storyteller, hits stores October 23.



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