Canaan Smith Sets His Sights on a Hole at the Top of the Charts


Universal recording artist Canaan Smith recently experienced top of the chart success with his debut single “Love You Like That.” Now, in a followup to his first hit, the man who lent his sounds to fans all summer on the Dierks Bentley tour is introducing his next radio track, “Hole in a Bottle.”

To celebrate the release of his sophomore single, Canaan put together a video of live footage from his exciting summer, all of which creates a montage to the tune of “Hole in a Bottle.” The song is vastly different from his chart-topper, showing off a less romantic, more fun-loving side to the fast rising star. With a country rock vibe, Canaan heartily sings about solving his problems through a hole in a bottle, relying on the cure for many woes.

The upbeat, catchy chorus goes:

There’s a hole in a bottle, tonight I’m probably in it. Taking all my worries gonna bury ’em down. There’s a hole in a bottle, just hit me bartender. Gonna sink to the bottom and drink my way out. Gonna drink my way out, gonna drink my way out.

Watch Canaan’s video below, check out his new single, and let us know what you think of this Number 1 artist’s new release.